Tips to follow when working with epoxy resin

Tips to Follow when Working with Epoxy Resin

Orgonite is basically made up of resin, metal shavings and a tiny amount of quartz crystals. The thumb rule for this composition is:

  • Mix of 50% resin, 50% metal shavings
  • Any metal of your choice
  • Small amount of quartz

While working with epoxy it is essential to keep in mind that they are chemicals and it is possible that there may be allergic reactions in people due to over-exposure. In certain extreme cases, once you are sensitized you can no more work with epoxy. However, if you follow the manufactures instructions carefully there are very less chances of anything wrong taking place.

Some Useful Tips-

  • Mixing- Pay special attention to the mixing process of epoxy. Ensure that the sides of the containers are scraped completely and the mix is combined thoroughly before using. It is essential to stir the resin and hardener together for at least one full minute.
  • Ventilation- When working with resin, make sure there is enough ventilation (if working indoors). Keep the windows open or alternatively use a fan. The best option would be to work outdoors in an open space like a backyard or something.
  • Protect your hands- Use protective gloves to keep your hands safe. Nitrile gloves can be a good option too. In case your skin is super sensitive, consider applying a barrier cream first.
  • Designate items as “resins only”- This goes for containers and utensils as well. Once used for resin, you should not use them for other purposes.
  • Use a respirator-Some resins, like polyester can be dangerous. Hence, do not forget to include a respirator to protect against fumes.
  • Use protective clothing- Resin can soak into the clothes and penetrate into your skin. This may cause irritation and allergic reactions. Hence, make sure you cover yourself completely. Also, don’t forget to put on old clothes. There are chances that the clothes will get soiled. You surely don’t want to soil your favorites.
  • Steam Cleaning- Epoxy resin is known to be impervious to heat and water. The stains are biological in nature and hence when heated and water applied, they will loosen up and be able to wipe away. Alternatively, you may use methylated spirits to clean up uncured epoxy off the tools (not your skin).

Thus, in order to be successful while working with resin, it is important to pay attention to all the tips that the manufacture has to give. Additionally, the above mentioned tips will also help.



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