Tips To Protect Yourself From I-Phones And I-Pads

Tips To Protect Yourself From I-Phones And I-Pads

We are living a life that is based on technology. From several years we are continuously looking at technological advancement in almost all the sectors. Out life is dependent on technology. Though it has made our life easier but also exposed us to many risks. These risks are Electromagnetic radiation.

Effect of exposure from electromagnetic radiation that comes from i-phones and i-pads:-

If we talk about electromagnetic radiation, i-phones and i-pads pose a greater risk as people generally uses it on their laps or directly on their body. The radiation gets transferred to the skin as it comes in direct contact. These radiation results in skin cancer, Brain cancer, stress, Lethargy, headaches, skin rashes ( especially in the case of i-pads), fertility issues for both males and females. Since our life is mostly dependent on phones and other gadgets. We can't completely give up but yes we can be extra careful about how to use it.

Here are some useful tips to protect yourself from i-phones and i-pads.

1)    Speakerphones:- when it comes to i-phones we can avoid direct contact with the skin by putting it on the speaker mode. We can limit direct contact by talking on the speaker mode based on the surroundings around us. It is not good to disturb others.

2)    Balance the exposure:- While talking over the i-phones its advisable to switch ears if the call duration is long. This will help you to avoid exposure to one part of the body.

3)    Safelsleeve case:- This is the best way to avoid harmful radiation. This will help in reducing the Sar rating of the device. This is useful for both i-phones and i-pads.

4)    Geoclense:- To protect from the electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to the family, Geoclense is highly recommended. Geoclense is a plug which we connect to the electrical socket. This product releases negative ions and neutralizes the effect of the positive ions in the surroundings. This plug protects our homes and offices from the EMF radiation.

Apart from the other tips that we discussed above Geoclense is the most suitable. It not only protects us from i-phones and i-pads but also from the harmful rays that are emitted from other gadgets. Geoclense is a portable device that you can carry with you anywhere and protect yourself and your family. Geoclense is simple and easy in use. It gives enough coverage so that you can live without any fear of harmful EMF radiation.


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