Top Five Advanced Crystals to Work With

Top Five Advanced Crystals to Work With

Top Five Advanced Crystals to Work With

Crystals have gained tremendous significance in recent years. Although these crystals have been with us for thousands of years and the ancient civilizations have been using them to treat a number of problems, it was not until a few decades back that the modern world realized the true significance of these crystals.
The majority of the people are still unaware of the actual healing properties of each of these crystals and hence are unable to figure out which crystals should they use. Below is a list of five crystals that you can work with:


This crystal is called as the master healer because it has been revered for ages for its effectiveness in dealing with numerous problems. Amethyst is a natural stress buster and helps you to get rid of feelings like anger, fear, depression etc. This crystal transmutes negative energies into positive ones and makes you feel optimistic on the inside.

Tiger’s Eye

This crystal is useful in changing the perspective of a person in difficult situations. It prevents tunnel vision and helps you in finding different ways that can take you towards success. This crystal also acts as a calming stone and assists in keeping a peaceful mind during stressful situations which leads to taking correct and fruitful decisions. This stone provides you with the necessary motivation and willpower required to achieve success.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is associated with a feeling of love and compassion. It assists in deepening the love for self and also enhances your relationships with the people around you. Rose quartz also helps to reflect the energies that tend to interfere with the bonds of love around you. This crystal directly deals with heart and hence proves to be a very powerful entity to counter unwanted emotions.

Clear Quartz

Sometimes you are not able to see a clear picture of what lies ahead and in spite of being very close to getting an answer, you are unable to find it. Clear quartz is a crystal that is associated with promoting clarity inside a person and helps him see through complications to find the right answer. Clear quartz is also said to heal your soul and relieve it from unwanted stress and negativity.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
When everything is going good in your life, there are certain elements that tend to pull you down or affect you in a negative way. Black tourmaline is a stone that forms a protective shield around you and guards you against the negative energies that try to disrupt your energy field. It is also a powerful grounding stone that helps you to stay true to your roots and prevents you from getting overconfident.

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