Top Five Simple Ways to Use Your Crystals Every Day

Top Five Simple Ways to Use Your Crystals Every Day

Top Five Simple Ways to Use Your Crystals Every Day

Healing crystals are widely used in today’s world to acquire emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium. Though the healing crystals were used by our ancestors, it is in the last decade that these magical stones have garnered the attention of the entire world.
There are multiple ways by which one can make use of these healing crystals. Following is a list of five simple ways to induct healing crystals in your life:

Wearing Them in The form of Jewellery

This is the most common way by which you can make use of the healing crystals. Wearing them as a piece of jewellery not only adds style to your attire but also allows you to bask in the healing energies of this crystal as long as you keep wearing them.

Placing Them in Your House

You can place healing crystals at specific places inside your house to fill that space with the healing energy and positive vibes from these crystals. For example, placing black tourmaline at the front door will keep negative elements outside your house. Placing citrine where you keep your wealth will help to magnify it. Placing rose quartz in your bedroom will promote love and compassion.

Meditating with Crystals

This is a common method of including crystals in your life. By meditating with crystals, you can achieve a deeper state of meditation and promote peace and tranquility in that space. All you need to do is just hold the crystal in your hand or place it where you meditate.

Crystal Elixir

Crystal elixir is very easy to make. You just need to be mindful of the toxicity of the stones you are using to prepare this elixir. You can use this crystal water for drinking, washing your face, bathing etc.

Décor Items

Healing crystals are blessed with beautiful colours that make them look attractive and appealing. Nowadays, healing crystals are made into beautiful home décor items like candle stand, chandelier, table lamp etc. Using these crystal décor items can help you to beautify your home and fill your life with the energies of this crystal.

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