Travel Smooth Crystals: Crystals To Take On A Vacation

Travel Smooth Crystals: Crystals To Take On A Vacation

Travelling is a beautiful experience as it gives you a chance to discover new places as well as bring out a different side of yourself. You make new connections by meeting new people and you explore different places that make you feel blissful on the inside.
However, not everything around your journey is merry all the time. With unknown territories come unknown dangers that can take any form. For example, you might fall ill on your journey, your passport might get stolen or you might run out of money.
There are precautions that you can take to avoid all this.
Healing crystals are also a kind of precaution which you can carry along with you while travelling as they deflect all the negative energies that try to attach to you and make your journey safe and comfortable. These crystal stones also lift up your spirit and you start feeling more rejoiced and energetic.
Following is a list of four such healing crystals that can assist you while traveling:



This healing stone is known as the guardian stone for travelers. According to ancient beliefs, malachite shatters into pieces if danger is looming around you. This crystal stone is very useful to recover from the jet lag after those long flight journeys.
Malachite helps you to shift from one energetic state to another and overcome the dullness and stress of the jet lag. It also protects you from accidents and physical danger.
Hold this energy stone in your hand while travelling or keep it in your pocket to soothe your nerves.



If you have pre-planned your travel and have decided on the destinations you will visit, then labradorite will prove to be of great use to you.
This calming crystal has powers that make things line up in your favour and you start feeling “coincidences” around you.
The soothing vibrations of labradorite also open your intuitive side and you start meeting helpful people on your journey and build strong bonds with them.



This healing gemstone has to be in the kit of every traveler as it’s another name is the traveler’s stone. This stone has a reputation for being protective while traveling, especially to the people traveling over water.
This energy crystal has uplifting energies that make you feel very blissful and energetic on the inside.
Moonstone is also believed to bring good fortune and grant wishes to those who wear it or carry a piece on their body.



This master healer can prove to be beneficial during your travel in a variety of ways. It repels negative energy and connects you with your spiritual practice.
It forms a protective shield around you that protects you from toxic elements that try to hamper you during your travel.
This healing crystal also transmutes any unwanted energies into love and positivity. This natural stress reliever calms your fear and uplifts your mood.

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