Tree of Life Double Heart Necklace

April 22, 2019

Tree of Life Double Heart Necklace

Historians have always been so eager to learn more and more about the Tree of Life symbol. The tree of Life is believed to be the “tree of knowledge, the connection to the heaven and the underworld, and the tree of life”. Well, the symbol is simple: it is a connection to all things.

The Tree of Life symbol has a great significance in jewelry and today we can find many a number of pendants designed in this shape. At Orgonite Crystals, we have understood the significance of the symbol and have several products designed in that shape.  One of the products is an Orgonite Necklace, the TREE OF LIFE DOUBLE HEART GEMSTONE NECKLACE.

Designed in the same style and shape symbolizing the tree of life, this necklace provides the best benefits to those who wear it. Moreover, the style of this Orgonite Pendant makes it a pleasure to wear too. This sacred symbol is known for its healing properties, as it helps to balance any imbalances within the physical body & the spiritual self, Healing & Prosperity. It also represents the 5 elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Air & Spirit. Let us look at its benefits:

  • Balances the Chakra - Chakras are the focal points of our life energy and it is popularly believed that there are 7 chakras in the human body. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle can cause blockages in the chakra and the free flow of energy would be disrupted. It can also lead to illness. This is a chakra crystal pendant that helps in balancing the chakras, with specific stones healing specific chakras. This necklace helps to balance, cleanse and align your chakras.
  • The Pendant for Meditation - The Tree of Life Double Heart pendant is made with different and powerful gemstones that help in making your meditation deeper and spreading peaceful vibration all over your body.
  • Brings Happiness - This Tree of Life necklace includes Citrine stone that helps to spread happiness all over your body. This stone is also highly beneficial in helping you fight depression. Citrine stone also helps promotes generosity and sharing joy with others.
  • The Pendant of Opportunity - Another crystal that is one among the seven used by this chakra balancing orgone necklace is Aventurine. This stone is known as the stone of opportunity. It is believed to be the luckiest crystal and helps with manifesting wealth and prosperity to the individuals possessing it.
  • Heals Traumatic Emotion - Another stone in this chakra necklace is Peridot. The Peridot crystal is a high-vibrational crystal that represents the Heart Chakra. This crystal carries positive and healing energy which is helpful for those going through traumatic emotional situations.

These are some of the amazing benefits of this awesome necklace. The TREE OF LIFE DOUBLE HEART GEMSTONE NECKLACE can be purchased from Orgonite Crystals for $24.95 and you can save 58%. Well, at the most affordable price, you would get the best benefits.

From Orgonite Crystals, you can choose from and purchase many orgone energy generating products like pyramidspendantsnecklacebraceletsdodecahedrons, obelisks, and crystal gift sets. Each of our products is manufactured to provide you with the best benefits, positive energy and thoughts every time. All the products available with us would be shipped worldwide free of cost. Visit our online store now!

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