Turquoise: The Oldest Stone Since The Medieval Period

May 12, 2019

Turquoise: The Oldest Stone Since The Medieval Period

The blue, beautiful, and full of mystique stone has been present since time immemorial has a special place in gemstone history. These blue, murky stones, popularly known as Turquoise, has immense popularity and not without a good reason. They are solid, reliable, one that provides assurance and serenity.

The stone is aptly named after its color which is blue-green in color regularly. Turquoise stones have been known to be used for generations and generations by the spiritual leaders, sorcerers, warriors, shamans, and witches for the power that the stones emit.

History of the Turquoise stone

The stones found earliest mention in the Egyptian artifacts and jewels and the Chinese have been using it for more than 3000 years. Turquoise is the national stone of Tibet and is used heavily in order to serve as a protector from evil and provide good health and luck.

The stone found its name from the French word Pierre tourques which translates into ‘Turkish Stone’. The stone was used as amulets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, or on the tip of the bow and swords of the warriors to bring in good luck and guarantee their success in the war.

Many Uses of Turquoise

The Turquoise stone comes in varied sizes and with web-like carving in crème color. The stone is used for various purposes like protective stone, décor, jewelry and such.

From ancient times, the stone has served as a protection for the warriors and riders where the stone was cast in their sword hilts, harnesses, or set in amulets and tied on their arms to protect them from getting hurt. Slowly, with the turn of the centuries, Turquoise stones were popularly used in jewel pieces used to adorn the princesses, queens, and the elite society women. However, the popularity of the stone comes and goes into the jewelry market.

Many believe that the stone changes color depending upon the wearers’ moods and emotions, thereby, taking in the feelings and emotions of the person wearing it. For instance, it turns pale if the person wearing it is feeling low or down and is bright blue if the wearer is happy and joyful.

Turquoise was used to decorate potteries, weapons, home décor items, bridal jewels, and many such stuff and was an integral part of the meditational kit. Turquoise pyramids have been and still a prominent meditational tool.

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