Types Of Orgonite And How They Can Be Used

Types Of Orgonite And How They Can Be Used

What you want to do with the orgonite helps you decide what type of orgonite you would want to use. The basic idea is that, the bigger the Orgonite, the more powerful its effect will be. Here are a few types of orgonite that exist.

These are small shot glass sized Orgonite piece. These orgonites are made easily, in a dozen, or whatever number you like. All you require is a piece of crystal, the size of about a few millimetres. They are used around mobile phone towers, power line towers, etc.

These orgonites are generally a little larger. You will require something which is in a square pyramid design, cone, can also be used. You can use wax paper in a mould of any shape. This is a bigger version of the tower buster and has an effective range of about 5 miles. It is often used when there is a tower on an inaccessible peak.

These are made in about a 25-30cm copper tube which is then lowered into the ground. With some copper wire which is wrapped around a large crystal, you need to tape one end of the pipe, with some resin or metal mix, then drop this mixture down the crystal wire. This helps transform the energy around these lines.

This came into existence from the Reichs original Cloudbuster, also known as Chembusters. These are the most powerful Orgonite tools. You need Copper pipe, a small bucket, resin, metal and crystals. Copper pipes are put into the bucket and held with templates to hold them in a circular pattern. A large crystal is placed in each pipe and points to the sky. These help with the weather, as they have a huge effect on the unnatural clouds that don't produce rain.

When you add battery power in the orgonite, it bores its powerful energy into it. It helps with a lot of healing and brings ailments which any traditional medicine could not bring. This is used for spiritual work, distant healing, clearing your mind and bringing peacefulness and tranquillity.

These types of orgonite are very popular and in demand, as they are quite attractive. They are usually small designer pieces made as a necklace for personal protection from negative energy. Even smaller ones are designed to use with your mobile phone for electromagnetic energy protection.



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