Utilizing Crystals for a Fruitful Eclipse Season

Utilizing Crystals for a Fruitful Eclipse Season

Utilizing Crystals for a Fruitful Eclipse Season

An eclipse is a cosmic event when the sun, moon and our home planet earth are in perfect alignment. This event causes a shift in all the energies because when these celestial giants are in alignment, their energies amplify. A lot of people who are into getting any kind of energy work, like crystal therapy or reiki healing, are highly sensitive to these energy changes.
Eclipses usually happen in pairs and sometimes in trios. Lunar and solar eclipse have different energies. Working with crystals can help you get the best out of these shifts!
Now working with crystals could mean a number of different things. One could get terrific results by just meditating with the right crystals. On the other hand, other practices like sitting with your stone and contemplating, making crystal grids with various combinations of positive energies etc. are also known to work wonders.
Here are some crystals to help you through the eclipse and the energy shift it brings.


opal crystal
Opal is a stone specialized for lunar and water energy. Its purifying vibe is the perfect tool in your arsenal to make the best of a lunar eclipse. Its iridescence is the direct result of the presence of water molecules inside the stone. Living in a dry climate can end up dehydrating the crystal and reduce its charm. However, still Opal is the perfect stone for a lunar eclipse.


As the name probably suggests, this stone is also perfect for a lunar eclipse. Any kind of moonstone, whether it be rainbow or peach, it is a good option to keep close during an eclipse. All variations of moonstone work well during moon phases. It promotes feminine goddess energy and divination. It is a perfect stone to strengthen one’s intuition.


Named after the goddess Selene, this glowing white beautiful crystal amplifies the energy of the moon. It is the perfect stone to make sure the blessings of the energy shift are in your favour.


Citrine crystal
This golden yellow stone burns bright with the energy of the sun. Its positive glow is perfect to utilize a solar eclipse when the sun is lacking the strength to provide its godly energy.
These are some stones to help you get the most out of the eclipse season! As mentioned above, these stones and other mindful practices can help you make an eclipse season beneficial for you.

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