It's fascinating to guarantee that etheric vitality exists and saturates all parts of everything that exists in the different physical circles, yet these certifications don't mean anything in the event that they are not supported by genuine information and self-evident encounters in the field

More than saturating all mater, orgone is the vivacious base of an issue. Being in this way, it can and passes through any issue, with a fluctuating degree. The material can either break down (adversely enraptured orgone or DOR) or vivify it. We realize that etheric vitality can "be made" by controlling issue, basically by joining three components: a quartz gem, natural and inorganic issue.

To show the impact of etheric vitality on the issue, we can attempt the accompanying investigation and make some truly intriguing ice precious stones. To do the investigation, we need some unadulterated refined water, a little bowl or ice plate, a cooler and some orgone generators (HHG or TB).

Spot the orgone gadget (HHG) over the cooler, outside. Spot a little measure of water in the bowl, an inch is sufficient, and place it in the cooler. To ensure the experience works, disconnect the bowl or plate from any sustenance in the cooler. The different harms found in prepared nourishment and in meat will in general lower (or assemble) the recurrence of orgone, going about as a neighborhood inhibitor of etheric vitality.

After around 60 minutes, take the bowl or plate out and watch the stalagmites that were framed.

You can break the ice and spot it under your tongue for a jolt of energy. Another intriguing part of these stalagmites is the manner by which they resemble the precious stones in the orgone gadgets that are over the cooler.

The inside precious stone

On the off chance that the precious stone inside the generator is a Lemurian, the stalagmites will more often than not belong in the examination with typical quartz which produces focuses a large portion of an inch long. This simple experience shows the penetrating idea of orgone and its ability to cross hindrances, for example, metal, paint, electric links, freon, disconnection, plastic, and glass. Etheric vitality is retained by these components - they ingest a piece of the vitality wave while it crosses - by it isn't halted totally.

This bodes well when we understand that all issue is vitality and the other way around. Vitality interfacing with another more consolidated type of vitality brings down its recurrence. Vitality waves vivify the issue it crosses - creature, vegetal and mineral - and is "shaded" thus by this issue.

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