Wear the Natural Black Obsidian Bracelet

Wear the Natural Black Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian crystals are one of the most famed rock crystals and they are formed by molten lava that cooled very quickly without getting the time to form into glass. It is referred to as a type of volcanic glass and is found in many places around the world.

The Obsidian crystals come in a variety of colors and one among them is black. The black obsidian crystals are believed to have powerful metaphysical properties that helps in protecting you at all times. In simple words, the Black Obsidian crystals have an excellent spiritual grounding vibration and also have a strong psychic protection energy.

Black Obsidian is one of the most revered stones at Orgonite Crystals. Orgonite Crystals online store is set up with the aim of providing the best orgone energy generating and chakra balancing products to all people around the world. We have experienced its awesome energy and now, we wish to help you experience it too.

The NATURAL BLACK OBSIDIAN BRACELET is one of the most sought after products at Orgonite Crystals. This quality bracelet is made with a mix of Black Obsidian crystals and White Selenite stones. So, now let us have a look at the many amazing benefits make this bracelet so special:

  • Provides Psychic Protection - The Black Obsidian stone powerfully and effectively provides protection from the psychic smog created within your aura. This thereby becomes a powerful stone that provides psychic protection.
  • Shields from Negative Energies - The White Selenite crystals that forms a part of the bracelet has powerful metaphysical properties that will help in shielding you from the negative energies around you.
  • EMF Protection - Like all other products that emit the powerful orgone energy, the natural Black Obsidian Bracelet protects you from EMF Radiation that is emitted by electronic gadgets and other elements that has become a part of our everyday life, like smart phones, wifi routers, cell towers and so on.
  • Reduces Stress - Stress and anxiety creates many difficulties to an individual and often cause him to take drastic measures. The quartz crystals in the bracelet will help in reducing stress, fear, anger, resentment and other negative emotions.
  • Overcome Chronic Difficulties - The natural Black Obsidian bracelet helps each individual in overcoming chronic difficulties such as frustration, chronic traumas and suicidal thoughts.
  • Helps you have Control over Emotions - The Black Obsidian bracelet helps the user to understand his or her emotions and unexpressed feelings of other people.
  • Self Healing - The Black Obsidian crystal stone is well known for its abilities of calming and relaxing energy. Wearing these stones can help you balance your thoughts and self-healing.
These are the amazing benefits of the NATURAL BLACK OBSIDIAN BRACELET. This awesome bracelet is available for $24.95, at a saving of 50%. From Orgonite Crystals, you can purchase from a wide collection of products that include Crystal Gift SetOrgone NecklaceOrgone PyramidOrgone Dodecahedron and Orgone Obelisk. Shop now!

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