What Are Earth Chakras?

What Are Earth Chakras?

We know that our planet is conscious and living energy. Just like our body, our planet also has 7 chakras. The energy flows through these chakras and defines the spiritual body, which is our world.
The earth is connected by the energy called Ley Lines and it has been mapped for over a millennium.
To help you visualize, imagine the layout of earth chakras and vortices as an intricate, electrical circuit board with lines, intersections, and pathways all linking one earth chakra or vortex to the next.
There seven major locations that are accepted as the energy spots on earth. According to the earth chakras map, below are the locations of these chakras:
  1. Mt. Shasta, California in the United States – 1st chakra (root) – Considered the energy “base”, the primal source of universal life force and regulates the flow of energy from the earth to life forms, including humans.
  2. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru – 2nd chakra (sacral) – Often represented by serpent imagery, it’s located in the midst of multiple ley lines and is where primal energy takes form and matures.
  3. Ayers Rock, Australia – 3rd chakra (solar plexus) – Uluru is representative of the emotional solar plexus and depicted as the “umbilical chord” supplying energy to all living things.
  4. Shaftesbury, Dorset and Glastonbury, Somerset, England – 4th chakra (heart)—These locations share the designation of being the center of the earth’s heart and are known for their intense energy production.
  5. The Great Pyramids, Middle East – 5th chakra (throat) – Positioned between Mt. Sinai and Mt. Olives, this chakra is the “voice of the Earth.”
  6. Aeon activation currently located in Glastonbury, England – 6th chakra (pineal gland or Third Eye) – A transitory site that opens energy portals and facilitates the flow of dimensional energy from one realm to another. Similar to the function of the human pineal gland, this earth chakra falls outside the ley line realm and only stays in a single location for 150 to 200 years.
  7. Mt. Kailas, Tibet – 7th chakra (crown) – Located in the Himalayas, the sacred mountain is the center of the earth’s crown chakra and helps individuals find their footing on their spiritual journey and connect with the Divine.
It is believed that if you spend enough time in these places mentioned above, the frequency of the energy in our body becomes aligned with the energy of the earth chakras, resulting in a powerful spiritual experience.
These earth chakras function just like the chakras in our body and keep the entire life on the planet balanced and healthy.

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