What Are Fairy Crystals?

What Are Fairy Crystals?

What Are Fairy Crystals?

We all know that fairies are delightful creatures that possess a warm and positive inner energy that can be helpful to other beings around them. With the help of crystals, you can access these calming, loving and mystical energies to use upon yourself.
Fairies hold mystical powers that are not known to exist in any other beings. Fairy crystals are the crystals that are used to attract these fairies. These crystals provide spiritual, physical and emotional aid to our spirits and connect us to the fairy realm. Following is the list of crystals that can help you connect with these fairies:


The first step you need to take while summoning fairies is to get your heart chakra open. If your heart is not open for both giving and receiving love, then the fairies won’t come.
Placing this stone over your chakra can help promote a healthy and steady emotional release. This crystal will also raise your extrasensory perception and will make you more aware of the mystical beings nearby.

Rainbow Moonstone

Now that your chakras are cleared, you need to awaken your auras. Rainbow moonstone is particularly great at helping to clear the mind and connection with the energies of nature. This stone is ideal for getting in touch with all sorts of fairies, from devas to pixies and everything in between.

Watermelon tourmaline

This is the final step which requires you to meditate with this gorgeous crystal. This dual-hued crystal can help you connect with your fun side, allowing you to see the goodnatured humor in things around you. When done, leave a piece of this fun-looking and inviting stone in your garden to attract the fairies.
These fairy crystals will only work if you have a pure heart that does not have any negativity for people in your life. If you feel stressed or angry, take some time to get yourself emotionally stable and at peace and then start using these crystals. Remember, fairies are only attracted to positive and loving energies, so you need to make sure that your heart is full of them.

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