What are the Different Names Of The Orgonites ?

What are the Different Names Of The Orgonites ?

Orgonites have been an important discovery for mankind.They are made of a mixture of  resin, metal particles and quartz crystal. They have multiple uses and effects. The most important being transformation of negative energy into positive energy.  Based on the uses and the corresponding effects orgonites have been given different names.

The Orgonites were named when they were discovered. The different orgonites are as follows:

Tower Buster:

Tower buster as the name rightly suggests is used for the purpose of busting towers and antennas which are more popularly known as death towers. They are used for gifting these antennas and wireless transmitters which pollute the environment of the electromagnetic radiations. They are small in size and usually weigh approximately 100 grams or less and are easy to hide or place it as per convenience. They can be used for other purposes as well.

Holy Hand Grenade:

The holy Hand Grenade seems to have a religious nomenclature to it. In contrast to tower busters the holy hand grenade is much larger in size and weighs approximately 500 to 600 grams. They are more powerful and have great transmuting capabilities. They are in the shape of a pyramid or a dome like shape or pyramidal cone and wrapped around in a copper coil.

Earth Pipe:

This Orgonite  is generally buried inside the ground in order to transmute the Deadly Orgone Radiations into Positive Orgone Radiations and accordingly balance the energy levels. It can also be used in the opposite direction by placing it facing the sky to have the same effects. This orgone is filed in a metallic pipe, normally copper and can be used as an antenna.

Cloud Busters:

Cloud busters also popularly called the Chembusters are used for the purpose of transmuting the harmful radiations released in the atmosphere into positive orgone or energy. This in turn helps balances the environment. The word Chem Busters has been derived from the word Chemtrails. Chemtrails are usually emitted by planes into the atmosphere in the form of harmful gases and by products.  These chembusters help clean the environment from the harmful chemtrails emitted by planes. Cloud busters are also used for planting rain driven clouds in drought prone regions thereby causing rainfall and saving the crops. The effects which this orgonite has on the fauna is mesmerizing. The plants flower frequently and look fresh. The birds and animals are more energized and healthy which is quite evident.

The above mentioned are the Orgonites that were discovered originally and are now used widely.



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