What Causes The Rainbow Color In Aura Quartz?

What Causes The Rainbow Color In Aura Quartz?

There are very few in the world who can resist the beauty of the Aura quartz. Though this energy crystal is artificially enhanced by the modern techniques, these crystals utilize the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy.
By electrostatically bonding precious metals from the Earth onto the surface of natural clear quartz points or clusters, a new layer is created, a permanent blend that intensifies the properties of the original elements, as well as emanating a unique spectrum of subtle energies on its own.
Aura quartz is enhanced with a combination of titanium and niobium. Rainbow quartz is a variety of quartz that has been treated with a combination of titanium and gold. Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz by the electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization.
The optical interference effects produced by the layers of titanium results in the brilliant colour of the flame aura. Since electricity is used to deposit the titanium layers & create these colours, very little heat is involved & the integrity of the crystal is maintained.
This healing crystal does not become brittle or prone to breakage as with other treatments. This crystal activates all the energy centers in the body, which clears a path for the Life Force to manifest throughout the subtle bodies, bringing in a vibrant energy and a zest for life.
This gemstone is particularly supportive of those in dysfunctional relationships, by letting one see what lies ahead and helping to release negative emotions such as resentment or grief.
Rainbow Quartz brings deep insights into one’s relationship at all levels and aids letting go of karmic tiles that damage your relationships. This leads to the relationship becoming vital and harmonious.
Rainbow Aura Quartz is a master healer for any condition and is very beneficial in multidimensional cellular memory healing. It is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.

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