What Is A Digital Detox Crystal

May 26, 2019

What Is A Digital Detox Crystal

Shungite is a stone that was found about 2 billion years ago in the village of shunga, Russia. It is a pure form of carbon and a powerful anti-oxidant. While its origin is not quite known, this stone carries immense benefits.

The real strength of this stone is put to test when it is tested by fire. Its ability to withstand it and keep itself from melting it the real reason this stone is so powerful. The colours of this stone range from semi-metallic, to matte black.

It is coal black which has properties ranging from purity to protection,  electricity conduction and also absorbs EMFs that are created by electronic devices.

With its radiation absorbing powers, you can fix this under any device in order for it to absorb any free radicals produced, without affecting the working of the device.

You can also purify water by using it as an elixir. This water has many benefits if you drink it, some of them being cell rejuvenation, cell growth, and detoxification of the body. It infuses healing properties and positive vibrations when kept in water and is also used for spa and other skin treatments.

Because of these two reasons, this stone is known as a digital detox. It has medicinal properties, which is why it is used to make medicines for patients who have allergic conditions including asthma. It has a strong impact on health and results in a fully functioning immune system. This stone of life purifies, heals, protects, restores and stimulates growth and kills anything that harms people and other living beings, hence focusing on all that is good.

Not only does the stone purify water but it also purifies the soul from any negative and toxic thoughts, hence transforming negative energy into positive energy. It controls any toxic thoughts or emotions that bring your health any harm or prevents you from progressing.

You can hold the stone during meditating as it helps in increasing its healing powers, reducing back pains, blood pressure, headaches, cure insomnia, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. It is known to stabilise any organism that is harmful to your body.

This crystal is used in meditation in order to calm your soul and cleanse the mind from any negative thoughts. It infuses positive aura and fills it with intense light. It has a variety of benefits that makes this black crystal a must have.

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