What Is Orgone Energy 101

What Is Orgone Energy 101

The concept of Orgone  energy has spread steadily over the years. With more and more benefits surfacing from various users, it has now become one of the most sought after. Let us dive deep into knowing all about this wonderful energy.

The Orgone Theory-

An Austrian psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Reich developed the Orgone energy Theory in 1930s.  After conducting many experiments, he proposed the existence of an etheric bio-energetic life force energy that surrounded us. This concept wasn’t that new as many cultures already believed in the existence of such life energy naming it chi, Prana, Ki across the planet.

Reich propagated that they key to achieve mental and physical health was the perfect balance of this energy which was divided into positive and negative. The Positive energy was also called ‘Positive Orgone Energy’  and the negative was known as ‘Deadly Orgone Energy’. The positive energy was more organized, coherent and structured, whereas the deadly was stagnant and negative.

After conducting various experiments and making the Orgone accumulator box, Reich concluded that Orgone energy assisted in faster healing, increased plant growth and also had positive effects on cancer. Further he invented the ‘Cloud buster’ and proposed that the bio-energy could also affect the planetary ecosystem including the weather patterns.

Talking about the present internet age, the Orgone  theory is very relevant to the electrified environment that we live in. We are surrounded by more and more technologically advanced gadgets like our smart phones, Wi-Fi, smart TV and so on. But all this has increased the amount of digital frequencies in the air and thus into our bodies.

There are many harmful effects of EMF radiation on our health and bodies. However, there is a solution- Orgone Pyramids. A simple combination of resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals balances the electrical signals around the body and restores the environment. The Orgone theory plays a key role in the development of modern Orgonites.

Following are the beneficial effects of Orgone pyramids-

  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Mood
  • Vivid dreams
  • Protects against EMFs
  • Increased Plant Growth

The positive responses of using Orgonites  are growing with each passing day. More and more people are getting attracted to it and are making the most out of it.

Why risk yourself when there is a way out to achieve a healthy body and mind.



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