What Is The Difference Between The Tiger Eye And Tiger Iron?

What Is The Difference Between The Tiger Eye And Tiger Iron?

Tiger Iron is a metamorphic rock which is formed by the tectonic activities of the earth and is a combination of silica quartz and iron. This crystal stone is a combination of red jasper, hematite and golden-brown tiger eye.
This healing stone exhibits red, golden and black stripes. The name Tiger-iron is derived from the word Tiger in Tiger Eye and from Iron because of the mineral makeup of Hematite.
This energy stone is necessary for offering courage, strength & stamina to fulfill responsibilities and achieve your dreams. This stone’s energies will help you have more life and staying power with everything that you do.
The metaphysical properties of this stone will help you to understand your hidden potential so that you can give your fullest to accomplish your goals. It heals any kind of physical & mental exhaustion that comes with realizing your dreams and goals.
Tiger Iron deepens the connection with your spirit and your body and offers you a sense of purpose. The energies of this gemstone will encourage you to keep going with your new endeavors.
Tiger’s Eye is a mysterious and powerful stone that is also known as the “all-seeing-eye”. Egyptian deities have their eyes made of tiger’s eye because it symbolizes divine vision.
This is a crystal stone that portrayed courage, integrity and the right use of power in ancient times. This remarkable variety of quartz is known for its rich layers of gold and brown colour.
Tiger’s eye is a stone of luck and good fortune and is a great choice to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It is ideal for people who have just set up their business & also for those who are willing to expand their skills & knowledge base.
You can wear this healing crystal for increasing eyesight and perception in unfamiliar places. You can use this stone to strengthen your courage and determination and overcome fear during exams.
This crystal is known to increase vitality and strength by restoring the balance of the body on all levels. It boosts the endocrine system by bringing one’s hormones and biochemistry back to level. It is traditionally used to heal the disorder of the eye and throat and also to improve night vision. 

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