What is the Life Span of an Orgonite and should they be scientifically tested

March 10, 2019

What is the Life Span of an Orgonite and should they be scientifically tested

Introduction to an orgonite
Orgonite is made from a combination of resin, metal and quartz crystal. It changes negative energy into positive energy and brings a positive effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of life. It has a huge impact on everything

Benefits of an orgonite
Orgonite brings positive energy and has a huge impact on everything around it. It reduces the harmful effects of negative appliances and helps with healing by influencing the body, mind, and spirit. Hence, it brings peace, joy, and produces healthy energies which create a positive environment that supports all forms of development.

The Lifespan of an orgonite
The containment of an orgonite consists of resin, which has a lifespan of above 50 years. If you keep an orgonite inside, it will last for many years, in fact, more than a century even. If orgonites are kept inside they can easily last many hundred years, polyester resin is a type of plastic. In a few couples of years, polyester resin has the tendency to change color. This also happens to epoxy resins which turn slightly browner over the years. When orgonites make contact with water, the orgonite that are made with polyester resin can whiten, and in contact with air, the water breaks down resin. That is why they must be remade every once in a while. But, on the positive side, even if an orgonite is in salt water, it will last longer than 50 years, with a few breakdowns on the edges.

Are orgonites scientifically tested?
Orgonites are not scientifically tested, because no scientists consider them to be a part of science. The effects of an orgonite are not accepted by modern science, and hence it cannot be measured. Sadly, no researchers are keen to do research in that domain. There are many theories taught at universities that are flawed and incomplete, hence they need to be looked up more in detail. Some of Maxwell’s equations about electricity and magnetism into electromagnetism explain a few concepts here and there, but that is about it. By not paying any heed to this filed, scientists have closed a path that could even lead to the cure of many diseases.

Hence, we believe that faster research is conducted on this, the better will be the results and more efficiency will be awarded in the field of orgonites and healing.

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