What Stone Matches Your Personality?

What Stone Matches Your Personality?

What Stone Matches Your Personality?

Healing crystals are available in numerous colors and varieties across the globe. However, not every crystal is suitable for your personality.
Choosing the right crystal will work wonders for you but choosing the wrong one might create even more problems in your life. This is the reason it is very necessary to choose the right crystal that matches your personality. Below is a list of few crystals that are mentioned with the personalities they suit the most:

Rose quartz

This is the “Universal Stone of Love” and is a good choice for people who have a loving and compassionate personality. This crystal amplifies their loving nature and helps to open their heart to accept love from the surroundings and impart it to others as well.


 This is a suitable stone for people having a spiritual and wise personality. This master healer is known to transmute the negative thoughts in your mind and convert them into positive ones.
Amethyst also helps you to connect with your spiritual self and experience a better connection with your consciousness.


 This is an ideal stone for people who wish to be leaders in their lives. Obsidian promotes courage and confidence and deflects your mind from all the things that tend to break your thought process. It protects you from negative influences so that you are able to succeed in what you desire.

Tiger’s eye

This crystal is ideal for those who have an active and fierce personality. The vibrant colors of this stone promote courage inside you and fill you with energy to get things done. This crystal motivates you and gives you the emotional strength required to overcome difficulties in your life.


 This is an emotionally soothing crystal that is suitable for people who have a warm heart. This stone allows you to nurture your feminine side and develop feelings of gratitude, compassion, and love for others.
Moonstone is best for people who wish to calm their minds and get relief from stress and anxiety.

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