White Tourmaline: Its Meaning And Its Uses

White Tourmaline: Its Meaning And Its Uses

Tourmaline is the name of a large group of boron silicate minerals. These minerals share a common crystal structure and similar physical properties but vary tremendously in chemical composition. 
The different compositions and colour zoning within crystals cause tourmaline to occur in more colours and colour combinations than any other mineral group. 
Tourmaline is the birthstone of October is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. Geologists around the world appreciate the mineral makeup of this crystal while others believe that this gemstone offers physical as well as mental healing properties.
The three-sided prisms and vertical striations of tourmaline distinguish it from other minerals. It is believed that tourmaline’s healing properties change as the colours change. 
White tourmaline is one such crystal which is believed to promote inspiration and happiness and reduce fear in the user. It also boosts self-confidence which usually takes a toll during challenging situations.
White tourmaline can balance the yin-yang energies and is said to connect you to the spiritual world.
A white tourmaline is an excellent tool for balancing the chakras, especially the crystal wands made from tourmaline, for cleansing the auras and balancing the meridian system.
Tourmaline absorbs every bit of negative energy from inside you, hence it is very necessary to cleanse this crystal after use. Tourmaline can help to clear, maintain and stimulate each of the energy centres.
White Tourmaline attracts inspiration & diminishes fears by bringing understanding & encouraging self-confidence. This crystal stimulates one's receptivity to healing energies and the wisdom of spirit & brings gentleness & compassion to one’s nature.
The energy crystal assists in attaining peace and understanding, awareness & trust. When you meditate with this crystal, it will infuse you with emotional calmness & will also restore a sense of wholeness.
White tourmaline is one of the best crystals in the tourmaline crystal family and can have a positive effect on your life if you know how to use it. Keep it with you in your crystal healing kit to avail of its benefits.

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