Why our Orgone Pyramid?

Why our Orgone Pyramid?

There is nothing we can’t do if we have positive energy and feel it flowing through our body every day. It would help us to tackle anything and conquer everything. Well, now are you realizing that this is what you have been missing?

If so, then it is high time that you purchased an Orgonite Pyramid. A generator of the Orgone Energy, the orgone pyramid helps in balancing the energy and turn it from a lower potential to a higher potential. This concentration of energy high benefits the living beings, and it is us who would benefit the most from it.

You would get your hands on orgonite products from anywhere, so why should we insist that you make your purchase with us? What is it that sets us apart from the others? The features are many and let us have a look at it:

  • The same old technology - In the 1930s, a psychoanalyst and doctor of medicine, Wilhelm Reich, proposed an “anti-entropic principle of the universe” which is orgone energy. He also built the orgone accumulator that helps in providing positive energy and increasing the prana or chi. Our orgone pyramid is also made in the same technology as the orgone accumulator and it helps you be your best.
  • Genuine Material - There may be stores that provide orgone products of any quality and there are also those that provide only the best quality. The latter is us and how can you make sure about the quality of an orgone pyramid? It is by checking the materials used. At Orgonite Crystals, we use only the best and 100% genuine materials. We use products like Multi Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Metal and other Specific vibrative Stones. So, what you get are powerful and peaceful orgonite pyramid products.
  • Master the Energy - You must place your Orgonite Pyramid where the air and life force is clean and able to stimulate positive energy. Placing the orgonite pyramid at these places would help in making you feel lots of positivity. It will, in reality, make you dive into a sea of positive energy, where you can revel in and enjoy a better life. In short, it helps in improving your Chi, Prana or Zero point energy.
  • Using the best and genuine materials and products, our Orgone Pyramid provides protection from EMF radiation and nourishes your body. The Multi-Tourmaline used in our products helps in protecting against negative energy, shielding you from Psychic attack and in cleansing and balancing the immune system.
These are some of the qualities that our Orgonite Crystals is the best place to purchase the best orgonite crystal products. like pyramidspendantsnecklacebraceletsdodecahedronsobeliskscrystal gift sets at the best prices.

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