Wish To Increase Stamina? Try Andradite Garnet

Wish To Increase Stamina? Try Andradite Garnet

Andradite Garnet is a dynamic and flexible stone that is known to stimulate creativity in an individual. Andradite Garnet is a highly sought after crystal because of its beauty and rarity.
Some people use this variety of Garnet to attract good things in relationships as it helps to remove the feeling of alienation and allows you to grow within your relationship.
This energy crystal is found in very limited deposits in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Arizona, and California. It occurs in three varieties: melanite, demantoid, and topazolite. Melanite is the black, opaque type of this mineral and it can be polished to a high gloss or left in a more natural matte state.
This gemstone gets its name from its discoverer, the Brazilian mineralogist Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva. All three forms of this crystal stone are used by healers for spiritual and healing work. They share the general powers of imparting strength, protection, and strong relationships.
Andradite Garnet is known to boost your self-esteem and sharpen your focus so that you can take on emotional challenges. It helps to heal damaged relationships and dispels negative emotions that alleviate stress.
In terms of physical healing, this crystal stimulates the immune system and blood. It also helps you to absorb minerals such as iron and calcium, that your body needs for health.
Andradite Garnet keeps you fit by improving your stamina and mobility. Demantoid may improve your vision and melanite helps with structural issues like arthritis, rheumatism and weakening bones.
Spiritually, this gemstone cleanses and allows you to ground negative energies. If you ever feel blocked on a spiritual level, then andradite agate will help to clear those blockages for you. This is a healing stone that should be in your toolkit if you are a spiritual healer.

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