Allow crystals to protect kids and stay calm

Children naturally respond very well to crystal healing and there are no side effects to worry about. Kids are intuitive, and their senses have not been blocked by the social restrictions that we have learned as adults. Let them handle and play with smooth tumble polished crystals. Have larger display pieces around in their bedrooms and play areas (out of reach for very young children). These can be both beneficial and beautiful. Invent activities such as creating pictures or sculpts with crystals and give them a large variety of crystals to choose from. Allow them to wear crystals as jewellery and carry them in their pockets and school bags. Crystals often have a very quick effect on children.

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Aquamarine can help a child make it through the tough mental barriers since it acts as a therapy to the people dealing with emotional sickness. These crystal benefits children retain information and help them during their tests. Kids can take this stone to the exams for good luck and to help retain what's been prepared.


    Carnelian is best known for elevating self-esteem and having a more open-minded outlook on life. These are the most important characteristics a child should have. It helps kids trust themselves in every situation which elevates their self-esteem. The stone will give them confidence and a great deal of creativity.


      Amethyst might be the best stone your kid can have since it brings both calming energy and confidence into the child’s life. Amethyst is known for bringing emotional assistance and spiritual guidance, which is very important for every child. The calming nature of the stone helps a child to have a peaceful sleep that will strengthen their emotions and physical life. To keep kids healthy and happy, Amethyst healing crystals should be kept in their school bags or near their bed.


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