Crystals for safe travelling

Crystals can make great travel companions. These crystals for travel are used for promoting fun, adventure, safe and enjoyable travel. They also ensure a safe journey and arrival back home.

Travelling can be a mind expanding experience - but that doesn't mean it is stress free.

Busy airports, delays and road congestion make any journey difficult. Many people also feel anxious about their safety, particularly when flying or visiting foreign countries. If you fear flying, feel outside your comfort zone, or are just home sick, these crystals can certainly help you stay strong and have those positive energies you would want and require.

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Here is the list of crystals listed below:


Black stones are always the best for protection. Black Tourmaline, in particular, removes negativity from your car’s environment and also from others on the road. It reduces the amount of careless drivers that come into contact with you. A little crystal bodyguard, this stone transforms negativity into positivity, creating uplifting energy for the duration of the journey. It simultaneously relaxes the mind whilst providing additional focus.

Black Tourmaline helps you keep calm on rough stretches of road.


It is also known as the “traveller’s stone”. It has gained a huge reputation for the safety of passengers, especially when travelling by water, and is said to provide some relief from the sleep disorder. In one line Moonstone gemstone is an all-around crystal of good luck for travellers and backpackers.


Aquamarine is a beautiful stone depicting vivid shades of blue oceans. It is considered to be one of the best crystals to travel while on water or while doing water activities such as Scuba diving and many more. Since it has the power of healing mind and negativity with the water element, Aquamarine crystal bracelets are quite famous. You can easily overcome sea-sickness and gain positivity by listening to your intuition here.


When it comes to mental, physical or spiritual best healing gemstones, Amethyst cannot be ignored. Travellers prefer wearing this stone since it aids in calming both body and the mind. It helps in enhancing the power of concentration and focus that is needed while driving vehicles.


These crystals for safe travel ensure you stay grounded and protected from negative energy. They can also allow your intuition to guide you. Shop for ORGONITE CRYSTAL products such as orgone pyramid products, orgonite dodecahedron products, orgone obelisk, buy orgone necklace, orgonite pendant and crystal bracelets on our website by clicking here

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