Crystals have gone to the top of consumer consciousness – much of it thanks to a growing list of celebs and influencers who flaunt their harmony - inducing, stress - relieving and balancing benefits. The impact of extracting crystals might seem small in comparison to that of industrial gold and copper, but as the demand for these crystals has skyrocketed as the rise of the multi-billion dollar wellness market that commodities, piece by piece crystals have been mined more than ever before. At the current rate, these crystals – far from offering any rumoured metaphysical effects – have largely damaging effects on our planet and are at the heart of an industry that is willing to compromise on human rights to chase profits.

When we refer to crystals used in today’s world, we at ORGONITE CRYSTALS have come-up with designing so many wonderful crystal designs such as the crystal bracelets, orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids, orgone obelisk, orgone dodecahedron for general everyday usage products which cater to so many ways of dealing with negative radiations.

These are some of the finest examples of crystal choices when you want to start using crystals for yourself.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is known for Love

Rose Quartz is a crystal for those that might be looking to enhance surrounding loving energy which makes it a good one for couples to use. While it doesn’t have to be used directly from boosting romance, it can be a good crystal to enhance positive energy and really embrace compassion. Whether one is going through relationship struggles or are just starting a brand new relationship, it can provide excellent guidance and help open up the heart.


This crystal is known for better Communication

If one is looking to open up and have better overall communication in life, there are crystals that can assist them. Sapphire is a really good crystal to help open up communication and allow revealing the hidden truths that might have been burying.

Ruby or Garnet

This crystal is known for helping one Energizing

There are crystals that can provide energizing effects that can help those that are dealing with chronic fatigue or other energy-draining health or mental issues. The crystals that usually contain energy properties are those that are red in color. Therefore, you can anticipate getting energy from various red crystals like ruby and garnet. Both will help repel your energy drain and supply you with more energy to work with


This crystal is used for Spirituality 

This is one of the more popular crystals available to choose from primarily because it is known for its spiritual properties making it a great option for those that want to meditate with it. It is also a good option for those that are looking for a crystal that might help them clear and repel negative energy.


What are you waiting for? Start choosing your required crystals in what shape you like from our online platform ORGONITE CRYSTALS. Choose from the lovely handmade creations such as orgonite pyramidscrystal bracelets, orgone obelisks, orgonite dodecahedron productsorgone necklace and orgonite pendants.

We have a wide variety of Orgone pyramid products and Orgonite dodecahedron products

We have other products like 

Orgone Obelisk

Orgonite Necklace

Orgonite pendant

chakra crystal pendant

Orgone Energy Generator 

A simple way to carry your orgonite to wherever you go is by carrying the below mentioned Orgonite products all the time. 

Orgone obelisk and Orgone Energy Generator is an amazing choice to carry for office. 

While Orgonite NecklaceOrgonite Pendantchakra crystal pendant are a beautiful way to wear them.

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