Enhance sacred place of the house with crystals


A place in your home where the rituals that a person either practices at a place or direct toward it marks its sacredness and differentiates it from other defined spaces in the home.

Your home, whether it be a mansion, a cottage in the country, an apartment, a trailer, or a motorhome, is the place you nourish your inner self.

it is important to your well-being to make this place as spiritually comfortable as possible. If your home is cluttered, dirty, overheated or too cold, demanding of your time, and unwelcoming when you enter, you need to be happy and relaxed about being there. It’s time to turn your abode into your spiritual home.

If you want to create your own sacred space at home with crystals, here are some suggestions for how you can begin. 


A single object can increase your awareness of your spirituality and connection with what is sacred to you. Crystals placed around various points in your home will increase and maximize positive energies. 


Color lifts your mood and makes your heart sing, especially when the sunshine comes in. Blue is restful and calming; red is energizing, but can give energy to conflicts. Yellow is the color of wisdom and learning, so makes a great choice for a child’s room. You don’t have to paint walls in solid blocks of color, simply use a few well-chosen accessories to brighten up a room.


Look around, how often do you use or notice the majority of your possessions? Decluttering is amazingly uplifting and freeing. As your home becomes lighter, so do you. You will also save a huge chunk of time because you won’t be searching for those essentials like keys, purses, missing homework, etcetera. Don’t know how to start? Grab a box and a garbage bag and begin one shelf at a time.


Crystals placed around various points in your home and garden will increase and maximize positive energy. Near your front door, on your porch and window sills are all good places for crystals. Hide them around your garden to create a circle of protection around your home. 

When you have set the sacred place, it will be the spot where you sit down, relax and choose to meditate also. Here, in this space you can even choose to set your intention with the crystals and concentrate on it.


Vastu shastra may not be essential for living, but it is highly recommended for a better and healthier life. It is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of natures to work in favour of us.


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