Speaking your truth isn't always easy, but equipped with crystals for truth, you can breakthrough and gain clarity on what you really want to say.

It takes courage, confidence or little bit of both to find the strength to live and speak your truth right? Crystals certainly help aid such solutions from within. One needs to understand the powers and connect with the crystals

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We are here today to help you list the crystals for helping you aid in such situations.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the ideal crystal for self-discovery because it helps get to the truth of who we are. It deepens the awareness, reveals the purpose, and inspires to seek the knowledge that will make a better version of all.

The deep-blue stone is also great if one has trouble hearing the inner wisdom. It helps to trust oneself and to understand the power of words and the impact that the words can have on others. With this wise understanding, one can communicate more consciously. 


Aquamarine is a crystal of courage that asks to be brave at hearts. It gently and firmly at the same time brings emotional patterns to the surface to be witnessed and released, so one may move with the current. It reminds all of that sensitivity and feelings are not weaknesses, but are actually a source of strength. Fearless is necessary when it comes to plunging into the depths of emotions, but once it’s done, they move towards peace, truth, and understanding. 

Blue lace agate

This dreamy, light blue crystal is all about easing stress and tension. Blue lace agate helps calm the nerves or worries before sharing the authentic self with the world.  So if one is feeling nervous to say something, it’ll give them a little boost that one needs so they can show up as their true self.


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