How to balance the chakras of the body using crystals

The body is the vehicle, consciousness is the driver, yoga is the path and chakras are the map

ORGONITE CRYSTALS blog has returned with yet another amazing article for our loyal readers. Getting back with the discussion where we had paused on the last article regarding discussions about the seven chakras and techniques to balance the chakras. Today we would be discussing how are chakras maintained?

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As a daily method, chakras can be balanced by meditation. 

Begin with cleaning the auric field around you and cleanse the chakras. This helps to clear any negative or low vibrational energy so you can meditate with a sense of peace.

Next, connect to your higher guidance – call in your deities with your intentions. Envision a white light running through you so you feel you are within your meditation and concentrating completely on this divine light itself.

Chanting your intention, your name in your head – encourages you to feel safe in your body. This protects you and reassures that you will perceive your chakras as they really are.

Now begin at the root chakra, close eyes – focus at the point between your eyebrows and try receiving inner visions. Seek balancing and alignment of your chakras in your concentration. This helps remove all the negative energies from within you, making the cleansing process in you a reality.

Conceal the root chakra up to the throat chakra once the process is over to protect each one and maintain the balance and clarity achieved. Do the same for each chakra like this, starting from the first chakra to the last, the seventh chakra accordingly. Use crystals accordingly to help achieve this task for you.


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