How To Use Orgonites For Healing

How To Use Orgonites For Healing

In the modern era there are many fascinating theories surrounding various aspects of life. However, the most interesting one is that of orgone energy. The theory of Orgonites  (orgone energy) was first created by Wilhem Reich in the 20th century, but pioneered by Karl Hans Welz.

Reich manipulated the energy using layers of metal and organic materials like wood, cotton, iron sheet etc. In the modern day Orgonites are made using polyester resin and metal particles. The organic materials were observed to hold orgone  energy and on the other hand non-organic metals simultaneously repel and attract the energy.

Orgonites for healing-

The action of attracting and repelling energy create a scrubbing action. When this is clubbed with the charge of crystal, it is said to cleanse stagnant and negative energy and bring it back to a healthy state.

Orgonite for Physical Healing-Talking about the physical aspect of human body, Orgonites are known to induce better sleeping patterns, build a stronger immune system (by keeping the flow of positive energy in a continuous manner) and reduce effects of electromagnetic frequencies ( orgone energy is capable of reducing the effects of EMFs from gadgets like smart phone devices etc.)

Orgonite for Spiritual Healing-Keeping orgone energy (orgonite) around helps in better meditation and removes the negative energy from the surrounding. This in turn leads to improved concentration, thus enabling spiritual growth and healing.

Orgonite for Emotional Healing-Orgonites work by transforming the Deadly Orgone energy (DOR) into positive one and keeps the flow pf energy going. Thus, once you get rid of the negative energy and are surrounded by positivity, the emotional state is bound to get better. You will notice less mood swings and an overall happy emotional state.

Orgonites for Healing Energy Blockages- A perfectly healthy and happy person has unobstructed floe of energy through his body. However, when a person experiences trauma of any kind, the energy flow gets restricted. What follows next is negative thought which lead to energy blockages. Extreme energy blockages can eventually lead to physical ailments.  Since, the materials contained in an Orgonite are capable of converting the negative energy into positive one, surrounding ourselves with orgone energy can help us in getting rid of the energy blockages.

Thus, orgone energy has the capability to heal all aspects of negativity energy in the human body. Keeping healing orgonite in one’s vicinity can help a person heal completely over a period of time and lead a happy and content life.



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