Orgone Multi tourmaline Copper Energy pyramid

  • ❉ Block EMF Radiation
  • Improve Relationship
  • ❉ Genuine Multi Tourmaline Crystals
  • ❉ 100% Authentic Vibrative Stones
  • ❉ Positive Energy Generator
  • ❉ Lab Tested and Proven
  • ❉ Made using Dr Reich’s Technology

Balance your Chakras | Increase Positive Energy | Organize your Life | & More!

About Me

This Orgone Multi Tourmaline Copper Energy Pyramid is made using the same technology that Dr. Wilhelm Reich used to develop his Orgone Energy Accumulator, which Dr. Albert Einstein described as a “bomb in Physics”.

This pyramid is made using 100% authentic and certified Tourmaline crystals. The other genuine materials like Rose Quartz, Metal and other vibrative stones can absorb the negative energy and turn it into positive energy.

Place this in your bedroom, office room or any place you frequent to reap its benefits.

Amazing Benefits
  • Balances Energy Fields
  • Nourishes Body
  • Absorbs Negative Energy
  • Increases Surrounding Positive Energy
  • Helps Master Orgonite Energy