Crystals come in many different shapes and colors, and if one is new to the crystal world it is very difficult to know where to start. All crystals have their own healing properties and can be used to attract luck, release anxiety or bring clarity to the mind. One can use them to manifest their desires or reap their benefits. Every crystal has its own speciality and is different from every other one in terms of healing properties.

Using healing crystals is an easy way to get started with energy healing. Each crystal combines an array of properties that cause them to vibrate at certain frequencies. This vibration intermingles with the human energy field and raises its vibration to facilitate emotional, mental, spiritual or physical healing depending on what the user wants.

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They are small pieces of the mineral kingdom, and also the intention for which one bought them! Beyond that, when it comes to incorporating crystals into the day to day life, there are so many ways one can do it. Some include:

Wearing it as a chain or bracelet in the form of orgonite pendant or an orgonite bracelets

Wearing crystals is ideal for one who wants to protect the energy field or keep an intention close to the heart, or hand.

Sleep with one under the pillow

To help ward off bad dreams, insomnia, or just lull into a calm state before bed, sleeping with a crystal under the pillow can help keep the energy in the right place.

In the working place

To neutralize those vibes from the electronics and help keep the mind clear and focused, set a crystal near the laptop. If one deal with bad vibes in the office, keeping a crystal around washes away unwanted energy 


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