Increase concentration and focus using healing crystals

In order to get things done, one needs to concentrate on the task. These days it has become extremely difficult for all to focus on a specific task, this is majorly because of the numerous distractions in each one’s life. Crystals are an amazing way to help you concentrate. They help in all one’s life problems and they can certainly help one concentrate. Energy from crystals has long attracted humans seeking healing and new sources of power. In the multi-tasking world, one needs more objects and ideas. Crystals combine intuition with science to form a path to peace and spirituality.

All hit creativity blocks and find them restless at our desks while working at some given point. When one begins to lose focus and concentration more often, it starts to impact their performance. Knowing how to improve the energy and productivity with crystals is a great addition to any mindfulness practice. So, we have compiled a list of the best crystal for concentration:

Crystals, you may assume look good only for decorative purposes, believe our expert advice, they can do a lot more than just look pretty. You might already have understood, every crystal has its own healing speciality and every crystal has its own healing methods that can be incorporated. You would be surprised to know that crystals have been developed in so many various formats and shapes today serving the same purpose in so many different types such as orgonite pyramids, orgonite bracelets, orgone obelisks, orgonite dodecahedron products, orgone necklace and orgonite pendants.

Have a look at these crystals used for concentration and focus for oneself:


Tiger’s eye, The Stone of the mind, is also an important crystal for clarity and focus.

Tiger’s eye is affiliated with the solar plexus and root chakras. It has the unique ability to filter mental distractions and boost determination and attentiveness. Much like a tiger that never loses its focus when hunting, this crystal grants the wisdom to stay focused on one’s current task. If one needs confidence to reason through a decision and ensure your train of thought remains on the task, a tiger's eye is a good choice.


Smokey quartz combines the power of Mother Nature with the elevating effect of higher consciousness. As the Stone of Cooperation, Smokey quartz helps to dissolve contradiction. It stabilises confusion and removes negative energy, which often hinder focus and concentration.

This is a wonderful stone for calming mental chatter that helps one from performing at their best. 


Sapphire comes from the Greek ‘sapphiryus,’ meaning blue stone. By aligning one’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects, sapphire eases mental tension and encourages self-discipline. It reduces unhelpful thoughts that can interfere with one’s concentration and gives a new sense of inner knowing and calmness. This will aid the progress and success.

Blue sapphire is a wonderful crystal if one wants a single-minded focus on a project.


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