We know how grateful earth – Mother Nature is to humans and mankind. There are so many things the world has given humans for their use and for making and manufacturing other goods. One amongst so many is the members of the mineral kingdom – the crystals which have been brought to the human notice for a very very long time, since ages!

Crystal healing - a healing form having no scientific proof, but a belief which humans know these methods, practices and remedies are working and will work for causes and requirements.

These methods are practiced by using orgonite crystal stones on the body. Each remedy, each curing technique may require different crystals containing different properties to be placed on the body for healing purposes.

Now, the popularity of these orgonite crystals is that they absorb negative energies, detoxify and release stress, pain, help focus and many more things. Healing means bringing mind, body, spirit and environment back into harmony, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium.


Orgonite is derived from the term “orgone” which was coined by Wilhem Reich.

It is a life-force energy which is believed to exist in healthy and stagnant form. The healthy form of energy is known as POR (Positive Orgone Energy) and the stagnant one is DOR (Deadly Orgone).

As we know, all orgone devices are made up of 50% polyester resin - 50% metal mix, metal – the inorganic factor in the orgonite products and crystal quartz. Capable of converting the negative energies in us, around us into good positive energy vibes.


  • The presence of orgonite helps a person to sleep through the night and reduces the number of waking considerably
  •  Orgonites help absorb harmful EMF radiations from electronic devices near us, surrounding us such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, micro-ovens, etc
  • Orgonites can specifically be helpful for people who are sensitive to emissions 
  • Orgonites speeden up plant growth. Yet another positive impact of orgonite can be seen on foods. It acts as a preservative and foods remain fresh for longer than usual. This justifies the usage of Orgonite dodecahedrons for water
  • Orgone energy generators remove the energy blockages from the body. Once the blockages are released there is a gush of fresh and positive energy, a person feels positive, happy and content.

Orgone energy is good, but must be made use of it in the correct quantity. Excess of this can be wrong to the body.

One can have as any number of orgonites as they wish. But, excess of something is not good, similarly you may sometimes experience temporary discomfort if too many of the crystals are placed near you. In the presence of too much energy, the effects can be felt strongly. Hence, it is best to use Orgonite in nominal amounts. It is right and good to make the most of its healing energy.

Hope today’s article draws an understanding, like we always have learnt growing up with, excess of something is not good. Similarly, large proportions of orgone energy generators around you must be carefully considered with proper precaution and planning.

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