ORGONE PENDANTS your on the go healing crystals

Orgone products are highly beneficial for people who are finding it hard in their lives as they are empowered with capabilities of inorganic and organic elements.


Your very own EMF protection device protects you against electromagnetic radiation. There are many other benefits as well, aiming to improve your physical and spiritual health, sleep patterns, and provide more energy to the body.


As per the definition of Orgone, which is also known as prana, chi, ki, mana it is regarded as a universal life force that is present in everything everywhere and everyone around us!

Ever since the early days, it has been proved that orgone is the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter. Orgone energy was first observed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst that managed to objectively measure its movements.

It seems that energy flows from the inside of your body core to the outside surface when you’re feeling expansion or pleasure, and flows from the surface to the interior when you are feeling fear, anxiety, and contraction.

All natural healing orgone energy generators, to help you in all these situations. Keeping it at home, office, with t=yourself on the go to wearing it in the various different formats we have is a good way to help remove those negative energies from you and your surroundings. Make use of orgonite products such as orgone pyramids for homes or offices, orgone obelisk, orgone dodecahedron, orgone necklace and orgonite pendant for personal use.


Orgonite pendants work to heal energy blockages and promote an unobstructed flow where you feel more calm, joyful, and harmonious. At the same time, orgonite pendants work to enhance the body’s own energy field. With this, the pendants protect against harmful radiation from EMF devices.

So, how do orgone pendants work to offer EMF protection? Orgone is capable of reducing the effects of EMF radiation by neutralizing positive ions, turning them into negative ions.

Contrary to popular belief, they positively impact your mood, nervous system, wellbeing, and overall health.

Orgone vibrates at an intense level, boosting your aura, and protecting you from stress, negativity and damaging EMF.

You can carry orgone pendants to work, at home or wherever you feel you want those positive vibes in you. Also, place them under the bed to reduce insomnia and enhance sleep quality.

Some of the benefits of the orgonite pendants

You can use orgone pendants to:

  •       Improve visualization
  •       Improve sleep quality
  •       Enhance energy levels and vitality while decreasing apathy and lethargy
  •       Block, deflect and absorb harmful EMFs
  •       Strengthen the immune system
  •       Clear chakras
  •       Boost self-confidence
  •       Removes negative energy from a specific area or place
  •       Improves physical and spiritual health
  •       Purifies the atmosphere
  •       Reduce headaches and dizziness
  •       Promotes happier, more positive mood

Hope the orgonite pendant article was good enough for you to love orgonite crystals in this form. Click here to view the various orgonite pendants we have on offer.

We also have orgone pyramids, orgone obelisks, orgone dodecahedron, orgone necklaces and crystal bracelets amongst our portfolio line-ups. Do check these out too on our website.

We have a wide variety of Orgone pyramid products and Orgonite dodecahedron products

We have other products like 

Orgone Obelisk

Orgonite Necklace

Orgonite pendant

chakra crystal pendant

Orgone Energy Generator 

A simple way to carry your orgonite to wherever you go is by carrying the below mentioned Orgonite products all the time. 

Orgone obelisk and Orgone Energy Generator is an amazing choice to carry for office. 

While Orgonite NecklaceOrgonite Pendantchakra crystal pendant are a beautiful way to wear them.

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