Orgonite crystals for colds

Some people never catch a cold. Strange, but true right? Strong immunity playing a key role here. Strong immune system resists the cold germs that are present in the surrounding environment. Use of healing crystals is a good way to resist catching a cold.

Not only do they help develop immunity against the cold, they can also help you recover from other common cold symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, cough, and sneezing.


Having these crystals with you in the form of wearable accessories such as our popular orgonite Pendant, orgone necklace or having park them at home such as orgone pyramid, Relief from colds is possible by wearing the following healing crystals maybe in what form you prefer, in the form of pendants, necklaces:


Bloodstone strengthens your immunity to colds, fever, sinus infection, and cough. It also accelerates healing from common cold symptoms.


Carnelian vitalizes your immune system and helps you detoxify. It is particularly effective for frequent colds and swollen glands.


Quartz helps in attracting life energy to your body to speed healing from a cold or fever. It is also helpful when a cold is making you feel inactive, dull and depressed.


Blood tonic supports the relief of cold symptoms by enhancing immune function. It also helps in strengthening and balancing your blood.


Catching cold is a common thing, but people sometimes are immune to such germs too. A strong immune system resisting these viruses around is what is helping the body dodge them. You can help your immune system stay strong by making good choices with the foods you eat and getting plenty of sleep also.

Come, help your immune system stay strong by making strong choices with choosing a crystal for yourself. Choose a bloodstone crystal for this purpose.

Bloodstone is both antiviral and antibacterial. It helps the immune system become more efficient at recognizing infection and more effective at recovering from illness.

If you often catch colds in the winter, start using Bloodstone in these seasons and get ahead on the cold and flu season. If you already have a cold, place Bloodstone directly on the affected area to accelerate its healing.


Quartz is another effective remedy for a cold, because it attracts life force to the body and brings energy to an area that is weakened. That is exactly what you need when you are feeling run down or about to get a cold. When you are sick with a cold, you feel congestion, which must be flushed out.

Using Quartz brings more life energy to a congested area to help clear it, encourage energy to move freely, and help you feel better quickly. Quartz can be especially supportive of the lungs. Place a quartz crystal directly on your chest to help you recover from a cough or chest cold.


A Carnelian is great for preventing and treating a cold, fever, or sore throat—especially one that involves swollen glands. Carnelian vitalizes the entire body, with special focus on the lymphatic and immune systems, which play key roles in fighting infection.

Once the symptoms of a cold have resolved, keep your crystal on for one more week, so you can continue to clear the stresses and weakness that actually led you to catch the cold in the first place.

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