Orgonite pyramids what makes them so special for our homes

Do you believe in crystals? Then you would also believe in crystals absorption of unwanted, negative energies in your surroundings like your home, office or any other place you are put-up at.

Orgonite Crystal pyramids attract energies and we are very well aware of this. There are energies we get from our electronic gadgets in our homes like the emf radiations, and then there are the negative vibes which we all prefer not to be present. Positive energies is what humans thrive for at every point of life. This positive energy helps do wonders for each and every person. Work results, work, happiness, attitude, behaviours, we see positive energies create wonders for every single person and are a proven fact!

Your work rate is much better when you are completely concentrated in your work with a good mood compared to working angrily or unhappily. A child’s study rate is high with good concentration rather than the child studying forcefully when his thoughts are elsewhere.

Now, why pyramids for such good vibes. Are pyramids good for healing such issues and improving the mind-set of everyone around them? Let us see below what orgonite crystal pyramids have to offer…

Pyramids has been known from ancient times as a powerful symbol connecting with energy forces and has also identified its shape with healing qualities. The English word ‘pyramid’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Pyramis’ and it is formed as two words Pyra and mid. As Pyra stands for fire and mid stands for the center. Thus,

Pyramid= Pyra (Fire) + Mid (centre)

Speaking in terms of the traditional Indian system of architecture, a pyramid is a Vastu integrated science which combines with both - the energy of science as well as knowledge of science. 

Researches and experiments have shown that the power of the pyramid changes the mental, physical and emotional aspects of an individual. Negative energies can effectively be removed by such orgonite crystal pyramids


  •       Orgonite pyramids reduces stress and tension from home, office and our bodies constantly removing negative energies
  •       Orgonite pyramids attract energy flow, they are used in homes and offices to remove dullness and increase energy levels of everyone around them
  •       Orgonite pyramids promote self-healing processes
  •       Orgonite pyramids help in meditation
  •       Orgonite pyramids remove emf radiations from the areas where pyramids are kept


Orgonite pyramids are usually placed in corners of homes and offices to promote positive energy and remove negativity.

One could place from two to four Orgonite pyramids for two or four corners of home or office areas. Pyramids start acting by collecting and removing the energies depending on what type of crystal pyramid you are placing. Every crystal stone has its own healing properties.

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