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Agate Tree Of Life Jewelry Necklace

Tree of life represents a symbol of all 7 Chakra healing. Also Represents Past, Present & Future. It Helps to balance any imbalances within the physical body & spiritual self. Tree of life has been found many spiritual symbols.

✮Red – Root Chakra – represents our foundation and feeling grounded.

✮Orange – Sacral Chakra – abundance, well-being, sexuality.

✮Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra – self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.

✮Green – Heart Chakra – unconditional love, joy, inner peace.

✮Blue – Throat Chakra – communication, self-expression, authenticity.

✮Purple – Third Eye Chakra – intuition, imagination, wisdom.

✮White – Crown Chakra – spirituality, enlightenment, connection to the divine.

Healing Properties of Tree of life Necklace-

✔Broken Emotion Healing-Peridot crystal Promote high vibrational positive energy that heal emotional broken mind.

✔Deep Meditation- Tree of life orgonite necklace with different powerlful gemstone clam your body and help deeper Meditation.

✔Balance 7Chakras- Tree of life Pendant made with 7 chakra stone that balance and align your all CHAKRA.

✔Inner Purification-Aquamarine crystal clear your bodies energetic blocks and purify your bodies inner mind.

✔Relationship Improve-Red Carnelian and Red Garnet improve your love relationship with helps to build strong bonding with your friends and family. Also stable your Chaotic situation.